Top 5 Free Plagiarism Checking Tools of 2016

Top 5 Plagiarism Checking Tools of 2016

Plagiarism is a big problem when it comes for students, teachers, bloggers and copywriters. It not only destroys a piece of work but it deletes its uniqueness as well. Below I will show you the Top 5 Best Free Plagiarism tools of the year 2016. It is very essential and important to use plagiarism tools for checking the uniqueness of a article, web page, site, blog or essay. 

We all need to check for plagiarism before hitting the publish button on the blog post. There are many problems that can occur if you don't check for plagiarism before publishing a post one such example is Google giving you a penalty for copy and pasting someone else hard work. So this is why you need to check for such problems with your content before making it live. Below we will discuss about some of these tools that are available for no extra cost and are free of charge to use.

1. Grammarly

It has over 250 features for checking grammar on web pages via its browser extensions, available for both Firefox and Google Chrome. 
  • Contextual spelling checker is embedded that allows for in-depth word and spell check for your documents and content
  • Improves vocabulary by 200% with its complex grammar checking algorithms.

2. Copyscape

This is where premium plagiarism checkers come in place and one of the best one as well. It has been proven to be the best duplicate content checker out there.
  • Add a banner to your site so visitors know that you are protected
  • Gives you notification alerts when other websites copy your content without permission or giving credits
  • Also allows you to check whole websites for plagiarism and see what parts or posts of a site / blog are mostly copy written.

3. PlagScan

One of the most flexible plagiarism tools out there with great accuracy, limitations and giving you anonymous access without the needed of an account.
  • There is also a trial version and a premium version as well, both of them have different advantages over each other.
  • It is available for different categories including Education, personal use and business use
  • Scans for sources and references that have been given on a page.

4. Plag Tracker

This is a tricky one with some mixed reviews as there are users on various sites saying it is good and some are saying that it misses sentences sometimes while checking documents or content.
  • Has a database with lots of university level content to scan against
  • Creates a professional report of the plagiarized documents / content
  • Gives suggestions and tips to avoid plagiarism.

5. Small SEO Tools Checker

This is the best one in the market and the one this is FREE. It scans your content / document / essay or homework against the internet to see for faults and copied sentences or work.
  • It can scan your work against other different samples that you upload
  • Offers lots of other web services
  • Has a maximum 1000 word limit per scan

Which one do you use?

Let me know if I have missed any good checkers here but hopefully I have covered the Top and best 5 Plagiarism checker tools of 2016. Until then stay tuned for more!

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