The Correct Way To SEO Optimize Your Images For Google

The Correct Way To SEO Optimize Your Images For Google

Images are an important factor to your overall ranking because they mean a lot to search engines and Google. SEO optimizing your images is not a hard process and there are only a few steps to complete, Image SEO counts both even if its on-page or off-page because it leads to search engines understanding what the image is about. Images have their own properties of SEO which including Title Text and ALT Text that are a small description of what the image is about and if they both are missing you will not get anywhere near the first page of Google results because of bad search engine optimization. Image SEO optimization is very important and a vital part of your site if you are using pictures, photos on there because people also search for famous photos and pictures and then you start ranking well. 

Reason for SEO Optimizing Images

Image SEO is as important as your post title seo because it affects your site load speed and as we all know site speed is a ranking factor, we don't want that to be affected, do we? By proper and correct Search engine optimization of your image your images will start showing up in SERP and more traffic to your site will start to increase dramatically. Good images also improve bounce rate of your article or content. Another great feature of having your own images is that if other sites share your content they will give you a backlink by crediting your work.

Choosing the Right Images for SEO 

Image format and the image size are both very important because these two factors have an effect on your page loading speed. There are two different formats of versions which you can use that are little in size and are portable with the web, they are JPEG and PNG. An idle size of image to use in article should not be bigger than 100 kilobytes. You can compress your images that you use from this website, TinyPNG

Adding 'ALT' Attribute of your Image 

This is the most important factor of an image if you do not have it the search engines will not be able to recognize what your image is about. Below is an example of how would you add an ALT attribute to your image. 

Optimizing Image, ALT Tag for SEO

Naming your Image Correctly

This is a mistake most new developers do when they are uploading images on to their web server or to use them in the article on the site or blog. Images having many benefits as you can seo optimize them in many ways one of them which is the one below.

Wrong way to name images

Wrong Way to Optimize Images for SEO

Correct way to name images

Correct way to name Images for SEO


We have covered above How to Optimize Image SEO in the correct way for your site. Let me know if I missed any tricks in image seo, and how you guys apply these techniques on your sites.

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