Top 5 Things To Check Before Applying for Google AdSense

Top 5 Things To Check Before Applying for Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best and most effective advertising company used by millions of web masters daily. Google AdSense is not an easy step to get approved because your site or blog gets verified by AdSense employees that see if your site or blog meets the requirements. There are lots of factors that Google Adsense compares your website to their requirements before accepting and approving the application, the Top 5 of their requirements are Site traffic, SEO, Site Structure, Contact pages, and has appropriate content. AdSense is so far the best monetization program around and most developers, bloggers and sites prefer Google AdSense because of its features and because it is trustworthy user experience. Sites need to be configured first and have a decent amount of traffic, content, and a user friendly interface before applying for AdSense we will talk about those below. 

1. Have Appropriate and Enough Content

Content is one of the most major parts of your site because it describes and is the image of what your site is about. You need at least 30 published articles/posts on your site with a minimum of 450 words and recommended is 550 or 600 words. Make sure the content is NOT plagiarized and is unique and you have done some internal linking within your site.  Make sure you also add images, headings and subheadings to your posts as well so it gives it a professional look. Please remember that Content is always the King. Below is the content policy for AdSense that has a list of the types of content that it does not allow on sites using AdSense. 

Please Read the Adsense content policyAdsense Content Policy

2. Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization of your site is really important because this is what is going to get your site or blog to appear in search engine results pages (SERPS). SEO is also the cause of your sites traffic and visitors because if you do not have good SEO there is a chance that your site may not even appear in Google search results. An example of SEO is gaining good backlinks, submitting your site to webmaster tools and doing a little keyword research. 

3. Make Useful Pages for your Site

This is very important that you have useful pages on your site this means that you need to create pages such as for Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Contact us and more such as Disclaimer. These pages show and prove that your blog or site has some kind of authority and if needed someone can read your policy or even contact your through your site easily.

4. Have an easy to use and friendly interface

Before applying for AdSense make your site is using a friendly design or a responsive theme. Another important thing is that you have to make sure content is clearly able to read on your site and is not easy or hard for the sure to figure out how to navigate through you're site.

5. Have a Custom Domain for your Site

This check-list is not that important but if you are applying with a free domain that there may be less chances if you getting your AdSense application approved. Still as said before it is not that mandatory but you will then need to focus on your other parts of the site more deeply and make sure everything is done right and meets Google's standards and policies.  

That is all folks make sure you tick box this before sending in your application at Google AdSense for Approval. 

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