Top 5 Free Blogger Widgets and Plugins of 2015

Top 10 Most Awesome Blogger Widgets and Plugins

Blogger has become a lot more flexible and rich in features over time since it was first launched. Blogger also supports Widgets and Plugins which can be installed onto it which are free of cost to add more features. Blogger also known as BlogSpot has some really popular and awesome widgets that are available to be installed from default but there are some of them that needed to be added manually. BlogSpot Widgets and Plugins vary from different versions, ability and their purpose. Below are shared some of the Top, best and free most trending recommended Widgets and Plugins for Blogger 2015 which have their own advantages and disadvantages among others and have some good reasons to why they should be installed on your blog. These widgets are really easy to be installed and take only seconds to be configured and ready to go. 

Top 5 Best Free Plugins & Widgets of 2015 for Blogger Blogs

Here are some of the popular free widgets of the year 2015 you can use on your BlogSpot blog. The name of Widgets and Plugins I will be writing about are Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Labels, Featured Post and HTML / JavaScript plugin.  

1. Popular Posts 

This widget is really recommended and should be installed on every blog because it shows the visitor what posts are popular of this particular blog / site. It can be easily installed on the Sidebar and is available free in blogger from default it just needs to be added onto your blog. To install this Widget please go to Blogger Homepage > Layout > Select Add a Gadget > Scroll down > Popular Posts. 

Example of Popular Posts Widget in Blog

2. Recent Posts

This is a widget that shows the post you have published recently on your blog in a numbered list and in latest post order which means newest post will be on the top and vice versa. Blogger does not have this widget from default in its gadget list but you can manually install this widget by reading an article on the web. 

3. Labels or Categories 

This widget / plugin shows all the sites labels or categories I.e. Blogging, BlogSpot or SEO Tips which are also known as tags these show a site visitor what topics does your blog cover and can straight away click on a label and it will show him all the posts under the specific category he selected. This plugin can be install by the following steps Blogger Homepage > Layout > Add a Gadget > Labels

Labels Plugin / Widget Preview

4. Featured Post

This is the latest Widget released by Blogger for BlogSpot that can display a unique or particular post on the sidebar as a featured post. This widget makes a post stand out from others and attract more attention. It also shows a snippet or small description and image of the post which was featured. It is available for any type of blog. To install featured post widget on your blog follow this path Blogger Homepage > Layout > Add a Gadget > Featured Post and just select the post you want to feature. 

5. HTML and JavaScript

This is a plugin / widget that allow you to almost add any type of html and JavaScript code to your blog to make it more beautiful or add other plugins such as Facebook like box, Twitter, subscription box and many more. To install this widget please follow Blogger Homepage > Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML & JavaScript. 

That's All

Now you know the Top 5 popular and free blogger widgets and plugins that you might install or will install on your blog to spice it up. Please let me in the comments if I have missed any others. Stay tuned for more!

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