How to Properly Fix Label Links in Blogger Blogs

How to Improve Label Tags in Blogger Blogs

Blogger labels are links that categorize your content to specific tags. These tags are not optimized and seo friendly from default and need to be done manually. Here we are going to learn how to properly fix and optimize blog labels on the BlogSpot platform. Blogger blogs have a feature called labels that you can assign to any post that puts the article under a unique category; this makes it easier to find the posts in the blog quicker. 

Blogger labels are optimized so that because crawlers and bots can crawl and index every bit of data to improve SEO. Below will be an easy to follow and newbie friendly tutorial with couple of steps in carefully optimizing the labels link in your site. If you do not have any label links assigned to any of your blog posts then they may not rank well because it is not filled under a category then Google bot will have to manually assign it a label which is not SEO friendly.

Why do Label links need to be optimized for Blogger?

As in other popular blogging platforms labels are known as Tags or Categories that help in search engines to understand your site more accurately. The default label links that you see in every blogger blog are not friendly and the reason for that is because when the search engine crawls your blog it detects so many labels assigned to the same post and thinks it's some kind of spam. In a BlogSpot CMS blog most of the settings need to be configured manually because it is not that advanced may be it will be in the future but you have to Optimize Blogger Comments and Archives to improve SEO. 

Example of Default Label Tag in Blogger

Learn How to Optimize the Label Tags in your BlogSpot Blog

Below is a straight forward and easy step by step guide to fixing the label links which require a bit of change in the code of your template. 

Step 1: Navigate to your Blogger homepage and select the blog you want to apply the fix to and after that follow the below procedure

  1. Go to "Template" tab
  2. Select "Edit HTML" from the menu opened
  3. Click anywhere within the html editing code box
Step 2: Here is the tricky part where a little line of coding from your template will be replaced with a new one. After following above steps you need to press CTRL+F to open search box and find the code similar to this one

<a expr:href='data:label.url'

Step 3: After finding the above code in your template it will need to be replaced with the code below that is optimized the shows labels as Tags in search engines. After doing this you will need to select "Save Template" in order to keep the changes from reverting back.

<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'

This is all my friends after following above tutorial you will have optimized and improved your label tags in BlogSpot.

Ask for Help

The above tutorial is simple to follow but if you are having any difficulties or confusion in applying any of the steps then please let me know by leaving a comment here, I am always here to help you. 

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