Setting Up Admins and Authors in BlogSpot Blogs!

Setting Up Admins and Authors in BlogSpot Blogs!

Authors, Admins and users are the three most important parts of a blog and a site. Authors and Admins are the ones that maintain, create and edit the blog to provide information and improve their services. Learning how to add authors and admins in blogger is vital as your blog grows you may add more authors or admins to share the workload. If you are the main founder / author of the blog you can also invite other users for example a SEO expert or a Web developer to fix some parts of the site you will need to give them access somehow. 

If you are an author of a blog you may not simply give your email and password for the person to maintain your site instead what you can do is make them an 'Admin' or 'Author' which will give them limited permissions on your platform such as edit or publish a post but not deleting it or causing any big damage. It is important that you also have your BlogSpot blogs SEO configured. Adding Authors is an essential part and also has many advantages to your blog and workload management, and can increase your Alexa rank if the site is updated daily or every two days instead of once in a weak.

Adding Authors and Admins in a Blogger Blog

Below will be an explained step-by-step how-to guide on adding users to author and admin level on blogger CMS. This tutorial makes you get your blog more secure in a way that you will not need to hand out your login credentials. 
Step 1: You need to login to blogger and after that navigate to "Settings" option. After opening this menu you will need to navigate down to "Permissions" and below that you will see a hyper link that will say "Blog Authors".

Adding Authors Users Admins to Blog Permissions

Step 2: In this part you will need the email address of the person you want to make an Author or Admin in your BlogSpot blog. After having the email you will need to select +add authors.

Inviting Authors, Admins, Users to Blogger CMS

After you have reached this part you will need to enter the email address in the box as shown above and select "Invite Authors". This will send the person a confirmation email saying to accept or cancel the offer of becoming an Author or Admin on your blog. 

Example of Invitation for Author or Admin

All Done! Now you know how to invite or add authors to your Blogger blog by following the above steps correctly. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having issues or difficulties in adding someone to your Author or Admin list. 

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