How to Configure SEO Settings on BlogSpot Blogs

How to Configure SEO Settings on BlogSpot Blogs

Google Blogger platform now supports SEO settings through its search preferences which are available in its main menu. BlogSpot blogs have now improved their search engine optimization options so the users can make their blogs friendlier and can start getting a better place in search results. These settings allow you to properly configure and set up your SEO by including a search description of every post, labels, 404 error pages redirect and custom robots tag customization. Below are some changes that you might have to add to your blog to make it more search engine friendly. 

Search Preferences settings in Blogger for better SEO

First of all login into your Blogger account and go into the main menu from there you will need to go into settings and then you will see the 'Search preferences' tab select it, after that you will see a variety of different settings.

Blogger Blog search engine optimization settings

After you select this option you see the following settings in the front which are Description, Custom Page Not Found, Custom Redirects, Robots.txt and custom robot header tags settings. Follow the steps below to successfully make your blog SEO friendly. 

Step 1: This is where you will need to add the search description of your blog in 150 characters. The description needs to contain all of our main keywords about your niche and please make sure you do not add too much keywords and sentences as well. 

An example of a search description in the preferences settings

Step 2: Another customization comes under the heading called "Errors and Redirections" which set up your error pages and redirects to pages that do not exist on your blog or site any more. 

404 Error Page setting for Blogger Blogs

Add the code above in the custom page not found option and replace with your blogs address. 

<strong>404 Error Page Not Found </strong>
<strong>Sorry!</strong>, You have landed on a page on our blog that does not exist anymore. Please click the link below to go the homepage.

This will set up your 404 error page and have can also keep you safe from a Google panda penalty because if you do not have one and have too many pages that do not exist or have been deleted Penguin will think it is a waste of time for the visitors and may lower the rankings of your site. 

Final Step: Here comes the crown jewel of all settings in BlogSpot because this tells Google bot on what pages to crawl and index. Here we will have to enable robots header tags they are disabled by default.

Robot Header Tag settings for BlogSpot Sites

All done folks! :)

Want Any Help?

After following all the steps which are structured carefully above you will successfully make your blog a SEO friendly one. Please share my posts if you like them or leave a comment for feedback if I missed something or any additions to the article above. I can also help you if you are having any sort of trouble in configuring the SEO settings yourself just leave a comment!

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