How to Properly Install a Custom Theme in Blogger

Uploading Custom template on Google BlogSpot

The default templates in Blogger are not SEO and mobile friendly because the lack of features they have. Templates play a vital role in your site because they are the first impression a visitor gets when he lands on your blog or site page after a search query. Blogger templates are easy to install and depending on your blog niche and type you can select what type of theme you want i.e. Magazine, Personal or Business. 

Templates come in different varieties, qualities, and types which include free, 1 column, 2 columns and premium all of them are better then one another. The thing in paid templates is that they have extra features which include Shopping cart function, Responsiveness, no hidden scripts and the ability to remove credits from the footer. The templates that come as a default style in BlogSpot look beautiful but if you are looking for different features like showing Ads, more columns, SEO, mobile friendly and adding widgets than they might not be the right choice for your site. 

How to Install a Custom Template for BlogSpot Blog - step by step

Step #1: Open your BlogSpot homepage and select your blog on which you want to upload the template you have selected. 

Step #2: When you open your blogger page from the left menu select the option Templates'' as show below in the image.

Custom Template installation for blogger blogs

Step #3: When you open the templates section from the menu you will see a page open where it says 'Live on Blog' and 'Mobile' look on top of it at the right corner there will be a button saying 'Backup / Restore' select that button as shown below. 

Uploading XML Template for Blogger

Step #4: After selecting the option shown above you will be shown a small menu which gives you the features to download your current template and upload one.

Easily Installing Blogger XML template

Final step: Select choose a file and locate to your .RAR or .XML template in your computer and hit upload button. After following all the steps above your new template will be successfully uploaded and added to your site.

Ask for Help

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial above and followed all the steps in uploading a blogger template carefully. Let me know if you have better ways in doing this or if you need any help. 

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