How to Optimize Blogger Comment System for Better SEO

BlogSpot Comments Optimization for Improved SEO

Blogger is free as well all know and it has some pretty rich features that other content management systems do not have such as good hosting, Https Feature, and a wide range of templates. Blogger is slightly weak when it comes to its default commenting system that has low capabilities of detecting spam links. BlogSpot comments are not seo friendly and optimized by default, there are a series of settings and editing need to be done to make it perfect. In order to make it function as it should do you need to follow the tutorial below on How to optimize blogger comments so that you can prevent comment spam on your blog. 

In some cases if there is too much spam on your site or blog and you have a good page rank it will drop because of the link juice that is being transferred to number of external sites is high. The tutorial below will cover the following Making comment links "NoFollow" and moderating comments before publishing them on the blog. These configurations play a major role on your SERP and SEO because if someone who is trying to make a backlink from your blog then he might post comments with dozens of links that do not relate to your blogs niche and this will make Google think that your site is selling links and you might end up with a Panda or Penguin penalty. 

Enable comment moderation on BlogSpot Blogs

First go your blogger homepage select the blog you want to apply this tutorial, after that from the left side menu go into settings tab and after that to "Posts and Comments" the below steps show how to enable moderation for comments in BlogSpot.

Blogger Comment and Post setting for improving SEO

Now after following the above steps carefully you will have this screen with similar set of options in your blogger dashboard. There will be a number of settings which you will need to change according to the image shown below. 

Decreasing Comment Spam on BlogSpot Blogs Default system

All done after applying the above settings to your Blogger you will have successfully enabled moderation of comments in BlogSpot. The settings that you did to your blog by following the tutorial above will enable moderation to your blog it will need authorization from an Admin or Author before it shows up on your blog or site.

Adding "NoFollow" tag to links found in comments

Step 1: Go to your blogger homepage and select your blog again, after that you have to navigate to "Template" then select "Edit HTML" and find the code below using CTRL+F.

<a class='comment-link'

Now after locating this code in your template replace it with the code given below that will make links to external sites nofollow which are found or maybe shared in comments section.

<a class='comment-link' rel="nofollow"

That is all my friends after following all of the steps shown above you will have yourself a fully optimized BlogSpot commenting system and will not need to worry about any type of Spam again.

Ask me for help 

I hope you enjoyed reading the tutorial and have successfully applied the steps to your site as well. If you have any type of confusion or error in adding these procedures to your blog then please let me know I love to help. 

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