Blogger Blogs Now Support HTTPS Secure Protocol!

Google Blogger supports secure HTTPS

Google's Blogger platform is a very well-known content management system which is free to use. Recently Blogger announced that it will add HTTPS secure protocol. This is one giant leap for BlogSpot as it will increase security and will add encryption between the user and your site. It took a long time for Google to enable this feature because it will have to provide a verified certificate for every BlogSpot domain.

Blogging is a very serious thing nowadays and it is being adapted by many people around the globe. As the number of blogs increased so the security and risks went up as well because of the new technology for example, Custom domains and Web Host. This new feature brings lots of advantages to this Blogger content management system in terms of privacy, security and encryption because of the new HTTPS support update it received.

However Blogger at the moment is only supporting its new feature on its own (.BlogSpot) address maybe in the future they may support custom domains as well. Even for now it is a very good step that Google enabled such a good feature for its Blogger platform.

Is it good to implement HTTPS in BlogSpot domain?

HTTPS means more security because the data being send between the user and your blog will be strong and encrypted so no one can spy on what you are doing. Google also recently said that sites with HTTPS may rank better in terms of security, so why not give it a try. It will also increase more credibility in users accessing your site because they will know their connection is secure.

How to enable HTTPS support in Google Blogger

Step #1: Open Bloggers homepage select your blog which you want to secure and at the left site at the bottom last options click ''settings''.

Enabling HTTPS in Google BlogSpot

Step #2: After opening the settings option a drop down menu will appear, from that menu click on Basic and scroll down a bit until where it says ''HTTPS Settings'' and ''HTTPS Availability''. After that select Yes or No if you want to enable or disable this feature. 

HTTPS option for Blogspot domain

After following the steps above you will successfully enable HTTPS on your blog and will make it more secure. 

Ask for Help

Please let me know in the comments if you need any kind of help in implementing this feature on your blog, or if you are having difficulties in following this tutorial. I always love to help just ask me. Let me know what you think about this new update to Google Blogger, Do you like it and why?

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